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Update: Applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Read here for an update about the next steps!

Original post:

The cold weather is barely behind us, but ODHK Admin series is waking up from its hibernation slumber. We left last year’s admin discussion with a rough outline of what we wanted for ODHK’s incorporation, but it also became clear that the structure of the organisation and its legal footing are two separate steps which can be taken in turn. So we are now moving to form an Executive Committee for Open Data Hong Kong. For the overall structure of ODHK, the Executive Committee (ExCom) is responsible for the leadership of ODHK, whereas Working Groups (WG) will form the operational backbone of the organisation. WGs can be either project-specific (e.g. hosting a LegCo Hack, or building a FOI portal), domain-specific (e.g. Open Science, Data Journalism), or dedicated to a particular function (e.g. Communications, Events). The WG leads are responsible for coordinating their operations, and act as a link with the ExCom by seeking its support for plans and informing them of developments. The ExCom itself is a group of five individuals which is responsible for:

  • Strategic and tactical decision-making for ODHK
  • Coordination with Communications WG to make plans and decisions public
  • Interfacing with WG leads
  • Incorporation of ODHK within 6 months.

As one of the goals of the ExCom is to define the terms of incorporation, the positions on ExCom will soon be up for re-election. We are limiting the initial terms of ExCom membership so the leadership structure can be independently decided upon from those who will take up leadership of the incorporated entity. Anyone can apply to become a member of ExCom by sending in their responses to the following questions:

  • What’s your vision for the organisation?
  • How do you see your role in getting there?
  • Why are you suitable for the coordination of ODHK?
  • What do you see as being the greatest challenges for ODHK?

To apply

Please provide your answers via this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cc8TAJYFsNdNXbykA3tesJC2kwn922mdcpv7-d732uc/viewform The applications are made public for review by the membership. Applicants can then discuss with one another to form teams of five people who think together they would present the best possible leadership for ODHK. Once a team is formed, it will announce its ticket and strategic goals to the wider membership. At the next Admin meeting, the teams will seek the approval of the membership. Anyone who was attended at least one ODHK event is eligible to vote. Voting is anonymous. The team with the most votes is elected. The event and deadline dates are:

  • 13 Feb : This announcement was posted
  • 28 Feb : Deadline for applications for ExCom positions
  • 7 Mar : Deadline for teams to announce themselves
  • 25 Mar : ExCom election at Meet.17 [edited]

As a voluntary organisation we will always rely on the passion and goodwill of our members to lead projects, to take up positions and to contribute where they can. The existence of a ExCom won’t change that. However, the ExCom is there to support the WGs and the idea is that members can take their projects up with the ExCom which will then see what resources can be made available to support the project. ODHK wants to act as a catalyst for Open Data projects, so that we can support great ideas and cultivate different approaches to infusing Open Data into the way Hong Kong is run. Very much looking forward to your applications and to see what we can do together for Open Data Hong Kong.

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