Open Data Hong Kong news roundup (7 Apr)

Roundup of Open Data Hong Kong news – 7 April, 2014

Next ODHK events:

ODHK HacKnight! (Meet.18) - this Thursday, April 10

ODHK is starting a series of monthly hack nights for members to get together and work on their open data projects. If you have an idea, already working on a project, or just want to lend a hand and find out more about open data, come on out. People will pitch and present their projects for others to decide or start their own. No technical skills required – everyone has something they can contribute. Bring your laptop!

More info here:

Open LegCo & Open Data with LegCo Secretary General Kenneth Chen (Meet.19) - Tuesday, April 22


Event link, Facebook event link

Our speaker will be Kenneth Chen, Secretary General of the LegCo Secretariat will present “Open Legco”, Hong Kong’s Legislative Council’s foray into the Open Data space, as well as speak about the opportunities of open data for civic engagement, politics and legislation in Hong Kong, and the challenges for government to get with Open Data.

With projects like “Open LegCo“, the Legislative Council attaches great importance to the promotion of openness and public access to information about the work of the Legislature. Check it out!

More info here:

Want more events?

Here you go! See calendar of Open Data – relevant events here:
Happy to add your open data-related events.


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.01.33 PMOpen Data + ODHK featured in TimeOut Magazine

A growing movement of data enthusiasts are hoping to use government information in apps and products in a way that could change our daily lives. Anna Cummins meets the volunteers behind ODHK

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.26.09 PM

ODHK is now on

ODHK is now on Check us out:


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.35.16 PM“Wired Hong Kong doesn’t understand the true value of information”

(SCMP) ODHK member Waltraut Ritter says lack of access to public data hurts competitiveness public data hurts competitiveness. (Link)

“Access to information in HK falls behind other countries, says Ombudsman”

(SCMP) “[Government staffers] misunderstood how the [access to information] code was to be followed, especially when turning down public requests for data. One complainant said the Environmental Protection Department had refused to provide information on the exhaust systems of two problematic restaurants because it was “third-party information” and therefore protected by privacy rules. (link)

More news!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.54.53 PMCanada sets up “Open Data Insititute”

(NextGov) How Canada plans to fuel its Economy with Data! The Canadian govt funded $3M to set up an Open Data Institute “charged with finding, compiling and standardizing government and private sector data that companies, entrepreneurs and academics can use as the raw material for new products and services.”. If Hong Kong wants to become a “smart city”, an institute set up here would help the engine to run it. (link)

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.55.57 PMHow to decide which data sets to release?

(Sunlight Foundation) Data.One doesn’t properly weigh which datasets to release first. They look for ‘low-hanging fruit’, which means big datasets and publicly ‘easy to understand’ data. HKG needs to instil a culture of open. This means that all departments take data that is already broken down into formats like Excel and CSV and simply post it. And they need to do this whether they understand its usefulness or not. It’s public sector information. As long as it does not contain personal information, it should be shared (D Christ) (Link)

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.56.11 pm

Add your HK Open Data project to the ODHK project list!

Please enter in your Open Data project here! We want to try and get a listing of all Open Data projects relevant to Hong Kong. You can enter any project. It doesn’t have to be your project. We will make these projects accessible on the ODHK website. Thank you! (link)

Open Data-related Upcoming Events

Our 1-year anniversary (Meet.17)

ODHK passed its 1-year mark a little while ago. We had cake!
A summary of the past year is available here.

A few photos from

Never been to an event? Come on out!

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