Voting on ODHK Executive Committee

We have received applications for the Executive Committee. Thank you for your interest. It’s time now to proceed with voting! The slate of names proposed for the Executive Committee are:

About ExCom

The Executive Committee (ExCom) is responsible for the leadership of ODHK. ExCom is made up of five individuals responsible for:
  • Strategic and tactical decision-making for ODHK
  • Coordination with Communications with WG to make plans and decisions public
  • Interfacing with Working Group leads
  • Incorporation of ODHK within 6 months.

ExCom will define the terms of incorporation and take the necessary steps to fulfil this goal. Once ODHK is incorporated, the positions on ExCom will be up for re-election. We are limiting the initial terms of ExCom membership so the leadership structure can be independently decided upon from those who will take up leadership of the incorporated entity.

Next step

Come to Meet.17 for the vote on March 25!

Voting rules

To vote, please respect these two rules:

  • One vote per person. If you vote online, please opt not to vote at meet.17.
  • To be eligible, please have already attended one or more ODHK events.

Thank you for your participation!

Questions? Please send to

Update: Online voting was removed. 

ODHK supports the establishment of a Technology & Communications Bureau

Open Data Hong Kong supports Charles Mok’s initiative to establish the Technology and Communications Bureau in the 2014 Policy Address and 2014-15 Budget.

Through our engagement with OGCIO and the technology community in Hong Kong, we have identified a real need to establish a more agile approach to researching and experimenting with new technologies. Open Data is now a well established movement which is helping governments world-wide to be more efficient and accountable. (more…)

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